March 29th, 2010

История, помещённая для дальнейшего возможного цитирования

Cartman: You don't have to say anything. I know how it is. I'm no longer the cool kid. Now you all think I'm a fahahahahahag. My school life is over 'cause now all the guys don't think I'm coooohoohoohoohoohooooool.
Stan: Dude, we never thought you were cool. 
Cartman: That's not true. You're just saying that. 
Kyle: No, really. We've always thought you suck. 
Jimmy: Yeah, nothing's changed. Our opinion of you can't possible go any lower. 
Cartman: You're all just saying that to make me feel better. 
Craig: No, it's true. We've always hated you. 
Butters: Wuyeah. 
Cartman: Don't try and make me feel better, you guys, it isn't... Wait, wait a minute. Why would you guys be saying stuff to make me feel better? Unless... unless you do think I'm cool. 

Извините, если кого обидел.