Березин (berezin) wrote,

История про спам

О! Я как-то отстал от жизни, а теперь вместо нигерийского спама пошёл французский:

Dear Berezin,  

Please forgive my using this means to reach you but I can’t think of any other way of letting you know the urgent matter at hand. I acted as personal attorney to (late) Mr. A. Berezin, who lived and worked here for more than twenty years as a major contractor and businessman, On the 1st of October 2007, he and his wife and only daughter were involved in an automobile accident while visiting a neighboring country on vacation. They were buried two weeks after and I have exhausted all means of reaching who may have been related to them. This has been made more difficult because no mention was made of any relative while he was alive. To the best of my knowledge, before his death, he had an investment deposit totaling more than Nine Million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$9.500.000.00) with the major bank here and now they have asked me to provide a next of kin if there is, or the estate will then revert to the government and so it would be lost. My proposal is that you allow to be presented for this role so that documentation can be processed and payment made in your favor. This is a project which will see us partner to realize. I would be willing for us to discuss terms of participation in order to protect our various interests.I want to assure you right away that I have positioned this deal to not last for more than two weeks. I shall be willing to discuss father on this if write back or send to me your direct telephone number so we can discuss in the type of confidential atmosphere which this matter requires.
Thanks for your prompt response. Kindly Contact Me on My Private Email: (richardroberts044@hotmail.fr)
For More Detail's Richard Roberts Esq.

Украсть, что ли, этот сюжет для романа? (Это я насмотрелся писательницы Шиловой в журнале "7 дней").

Извините, если кого обидел


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